Finals Week Heaven

Most people hate finals week, but for us art kids? Finals week is HEAVEN. We’ve finished all of our final projects, so while week 10 is a horrible, stressful, sleepless mess, week 11 is completely our own. Sleeping in, spending the final $300 of my food debit (the meal plan doesn’t work for me at all) on scarves and fun presents at Global Village Market, tying up any loose ends I need to tie up, I get to do it all.

This wasn't a class project, but something I did out of fun and boredom! I wanted to get better with colored pencils anyways

All of this free time means that I get to:

  1. Stay here for a week and just do whatever I want.
  2. Go home early.
  3. Do some magical combination of these two things.

More after the jump!

I personally prefer to stay here for an extra week. Going home is always exciting up until the point that I realize that RIT’s quarter system means that all of my breaks will not coincide with any of my friends’ breaks. This year I still have my high school friends and friends going to community college to hang out with, but next year I won’t, which means a lot of free time.

Free time is actually one of the things I struggle with here at RIT. I usually have plenty of things to do with class and homework, hanging out and partying with friends, and just fun events we can go to, but sometimes I find myself with nothing to do. Last quarter I started an extra project to work on outside of class because I had so much time during finals week. It’s relaxing, but relaxing can get old quickly.

Today I was pretty bored (a lot of my friends were at their calc final), so I decided to finish photographing and uploading my portfolio. Then I researched internships and worked on my resume (story for another time). Then I… watched movies? Read a bunch of articles on the internet? I’m probably repressing the memory due to the endless monotony.

But now my friends are here! And we’re having fun! Even when I have boring parts of my day, it’s good to know that my friends can make it so much better.

And that is why I love finals week.

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