Chicago Walk for Choice

I’m heading to Chicago’s Walk for Choice tomorrow. I don’t have a lot of time to write in depth about it now, but I will later. For the meantime…

Reproductive rights are important! Access to health care and birth control for underprivileged women and men is important! So many people are indifferent about this issue, but why? Those who want to cut funding for Planned Parenthood and the Title X program don’t care about preserving life, this is about controlling women’s bodies. My body is my body, and I resent anyone trying to make decisions for me. We’re facing a horrible, despicable, and disgusting assault on women’s rights, one that I never imagined I would see.

Nancy Pelosi summed up my feelings on the subject perfectly:

“They’re advancing extreme legislation. It’s dangerous to women’s health, disrespects the judgment of American women — I don’t know if they even gave that a thought — and it’s the most comprehensive and radical assault on women’s health in our lifetime. It’s that bad.”

So tomorrow I’ll be peacefully protesting this messed up situation. It’s simple really. My body. My choice.

I’ll be visiting my friend afterwards and won’t be home until Sunday night. I’ll try to update then.

Quick update, here's a photo of me at the walk. My sign had two sides, one saying, "My Body My Choice" and one saying, "Cut Funding Cut Health". The sign was created late the night before (I only just got back from RIT! I had no time!) but it gets the message across.

The Walk For Choice Tumblr

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