Surfing the “Women” Tag on WordPress: Proceed with Caution

Sometimes in my spare time, I like to tagsurf on WordPress (For those of you who don’t know what tagsurfing is, it’s just a compilation of the most recent blog posts across wordpress that are tagged with the tags you are “surfing”. Tagsurfs can be added or removed as wanted, but are originally created by the tags we use in our own blog posts. For example, I tag my post with “gender” and would then be shown other posts tagged with “gender”.)

I haven’t changed, deleted, or added any of the tags, they’re all generated naturally from this site. Because of this, it probably won’t surprise any of you that the majority of blog posts I’m shown have to do with women and art.

The art tags are just fine. At the best I get to see posts about gallery openings, rants from art students, even great work by professional artists. The most I have to worry about is sifting through a lot of high school artwork, which is almost endearing in a charmingly awkward way (In the way that all of our high school work is always at least slightly awkward). No, the problem is with the “Women” tag.


“Women” is a tag that could cover any number of things, and it does, from feminist articles to workplace stories, family photographs, and even to outright misogyny as I’ve come to learn.

There are a lot of blog posts ranting about women. And I mean a lot. There are posts by men who feel women owe them emotional and physical love and are disappointed and angry that they’re not receiving it. There are posts by self-proclaimed pick-up artists who think that their chauvinism isn’t bad, because they admit that they’re chauvinists! They’re not pigs, just honest men in a tough world. There are posts by women who complain about other women being snarky, and how those other women are the reason the smugly satisfied poster only has male friends. My least favorite are the posts that rant about how women can’t be trusted, whether it’s with the right to choose, to receive an education, to vote intelligently, or that just think women can’t be trusted in general.

There’s a lot of hating on women going on.

There will always be jerks. Don't listen to them.

Going through tagsurfer, my page displayed twelve posts tagged with “Women”. Out of these tags (Displaying categories from most frequent to least frequent):

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  • 4 Posts think that women manipulate men for money/love. (These were frightening. One talks about how women are all gold diggers, have no morals, and are all basically hookers. Another complains about a woman’s daddy issues making her expectations too high. Aren’t they all just charmers.)
  • 2 Posts about women in the economy/in business (Although one mainly talks about the women’s appearances and how many calories are in the women’s lunch. Not really a win.)
  • 2 Posts about feminism.
  • 2 Posts about International Women’s Day (One woman talks about how her daughter has been taken in by princess culture. It was an interesting read.)
  • 1 Post about body image
  • 1 Post about how women can’t be trusted (This one was written by a woman. It’s a good example of how misogyny isn’t something only perpetrated by men.)

So out of all of these posts, I would say that six hold positive views on women and six hold negative views. Split down the middle.

Of course, this is a small sample size. My high school physics teachers would hang their heads in shame at my shoddy science skills (although my English teachers would admire awesome alliteration… Sorry for that).

However, from personal experience I can say that this is pretty much par for the course. When I look through tagsurfer, I somewhat expect to see posts degrading and insulting women peppered in between the posts I want to read, the posts that inspire thoughtful discussion on issues regarding gender. It’s almost disturbing how used to the hateful posts I’ve become.

But I’m going to keep on surfing the “Women” tag. Despite all of the idiots out there, there are some great, inspirational people working to further women’s rights across the world. And those women and men deserve my attention.

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