Kearse Awards

Just thought that I would share this photo with everyone! It’s from the Kearse award ceremony which highlights one paper from each section of RIT’s college of liberal arts. I was really excited to have my paper on Harriet Hosmer and Hiram Powers win the Akyuz-Ozmen Award for excellence in feminist scholarship! I’m especially thankful to my amazing professor Dr. Tina Lent (who taught the Women/Gender/Art class and submitted my paper), who has opened so many doors for me and encouraged my and my peers’ growth as feminists and activists.

Here we all are, awkwardly posing with the COLA dean. I'm the underdressed one in the red shirt, I came directly from another class and had no time to change! (I'd also like to point out the prep/hipster hybrid from my dorm fourth from the right wearing the tux and the black frame glasses. This brave soldier is paving the way to a preppy hipster future full of skinny jeans and frat parties...)

I’m majoring in illustration but I want to further explore women and gender studies. I’m very passionate about working towards full societal equality, and particularly passionate about women’s reproductive rights. I want to be able to make a difference and I’m lucky that illustration is a field where being vocal about my pro-choice views won’t hurt my career. Where having this blog won’t harm my chances to get a job in the future. I’m working towards a concentration in Women and Gender Studies, which I’m hoping to work into a minor with only two additional classes (although my mother is heavily pushing art history as a minor with women and gender studies as a concentration).

So thank you to Dr. Lent! You’re amazing. And thank you to everyone in my life who has helped me with my writing, my artwork, and getting to where I am today. Without my family and my friends I doubt I would be at RIT today and I especially doubt that I would feel this comfortable in voicing my opinions. I’m incredibly privileged to have so many loving people in my life. Thank you all.

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