!Women Art Revolution

Through intimate interviews, art, and rarely seen archival film and video footage,!Women Art Revolution reveals how the Feminist Art Movement fused free speech and politics into an art that radically transformed the art and culture of our times.

I am dying to see this film. The subject of gender and how it related to artwork is fascinating (I may be biased) and this film seems to be impeccably shot and presented. Director Lynn Hershman Leeson has been collecting these interviews and other footage over the past forty years. Imagine that, forty years of work on the same piece to have it all culminating now! 

It opened yesterday in the NYC IFC center (although it has been screened earlier this year at art centers and film festivals) and is running there until the 8th with each opening accompanied by prominent feminist activists, artists, performers, you name it. As far as I can tell there are no screenings scheduled for the Chicago area. This being a fact which makes me very, very depressed. However, you may still have a chance! Here’s a link to !W.A.R.’s schedule. Check it out and go if you have the opportunity! Better yet, invite me to go with you!

Here’s a link to !W.A.R.’s site.

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One thought on “!Women Art Revolution

  1. Hi, Thanks so much for this posting! As a feminine artist, I have always had an awareness of how gender affects art. I have always loved the following quote by Georgia O’Keeffe – “Before I put brush to canvas, I question ‘Is this mine? Is it influenced by some idea I have acquired from some man?…I am trying with all my skill to do a painting that is all of woman, as well as all of me”

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