Looking for a Feminist Internship?

As a college student I spend a decent amount of time thinking about my future. I want to be prepared when I graduate so that I can earn a living and not live in my parent’s basement (Haha, I would never live in the basement. That’s where my brother lives! I’d probably end up with my old room. Which is still depressing).

So I do things to prepare. And one of the steps to being able to graduate and function as a normal adult?


As an illustration major I’m really looking for internships in an art-related field. But since it’s the dramatically dramatic cutthroat world of art I’m not going to share those with you. However, as I search for those coveted art internships I also like to search for positions that I think look interesting or fun. Which in this case means internships with feminist organizations!

So here they are. Please enjoy.

Political Organizations

NARAL Pro-Choice America: NARAL is an organization of women and men across the United States passionately defending a woman’s right to choose and protecting her full range of reproductive health options. They offer internships in special events, community outreach, policy, and more! If you’re a high school student I would recommend checking out NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s internship specifically for high school students eager to organize on their own campus (I’m unsure if this is always an option). I met a student on the bus to the Rally for Women’s Health who organized for NARAL on her campus, she seemed to really enjoy it!

Feminist Majority Foundation: FMF is looking for some highly motivated undergrads who are interested in political science and public policy in regards to gender, human rights, and development. Positions available in Washington DC and LA for Spring, Summer, or Fall positions.

National Organization for Women: NOW is the largest feminist organization in the US today and the organization has fought to end gender inequality since 1966. As a NOW intern you’ll be on the front lines of the women’s rights movement. This internship will teach you the skills you need as an activist and leader in your community through workshops, field trips, and hands on experience. Check out their site to see the numerous internships they offer.

National Women’s Law Center: NWLC is a law center dedicated to using the law to protect and advance women’s and girls’ progress in every aspect of their lives. This group tackles issues directly affecting women’s and girls’ lives in employment, health, education, and economic security. 

The Sex Workers Project: SWP provides legal training and services for sex workers as well as working with documentation and policy advocacy. The group protects the rights and safety of sex workers using a human rights and harm reduction model. This organization is looking for legal interns committed to advancing the rights of sex workers and trafficking survivors.

Choice USA: A national pro-choice organization, this group supports emerging leaders by providing the necessary tools to organize, network, and exchange ideas to pro-choice youth. Interns with Choice USA will gain inside understanding of the fight for reproductive rights at a local and federal level. Plus, this is a paid internship! It’s rare to find these in feminist organizations, like an internship unicorn.


BUST: Bust is a magazine full of attitude. Providing an uncensored view of the female experience, BUST speaks truthfully about women’s lives and shares womens’ perspectives on pop culture. In the site’s own words, they’re “BUSTing stereotypes about women since 1993”. BUST is also looking for a “webtern” in case you happen to be computer savvy.

Bitch Media: This organization is of the grassroots variety and relies strongly upon volunteers. Their mission is to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture. Take a look at Bitch for internships in design, editorial, publishing and more.

Ms. Magazine: Ms. Magazine is said to have helped shape contemporary feminism, being the first national magazine to make feminist voices heard and feminist worldviews clear to the public. Ms. Magazine has covered topics such as abortion, domestic abuse, de-sexing the English language, date rape, and much more. Ms. offers internships in magazine marketing, advertising, writing, researching, and other areas of publication. They prioritize applicants with background in journalism and feminist activism.


Jezebel: I assume most of you have heard of this site, but for those who haven’t Jezebel is a feminist pop culture blog which offers funny and interesting content about women’s issues, current events, and random hilarity! I’ve talked to a lot of women and men who say they became feminists by reading this blog. The call for interns was posted this Spring, but they do ask for interns sporadically. Keep an eye on their site, or send an application in now and they’ll keep it on file.

Feministe: Feministe is a site with a more serious bent than Jezebel. The articles tend to be more in depth and focus less on gossip and more on the important issues women are facing today. It’s really a great site. I don’t know if they have internships throughout the year, but they did ask for some for the summer. Keep an eye on this site and apply if you get the chance!

Gender Across Borders: I don’t know much about this blog, but it looks like it has very solid commentary on gender and feminist issues. They’re an international feminist community where issues of gender, race, sexuality, and class are discussed and thoroughly examined. GAB took on a Junior Editor Intern for the winter of 2011, so I believe they’re likely to do it again. It can’t hurt to submit your application!

Research Positions

The National Council for Research on Women: The NCRW has helped advance the rights of women and girls nationally and globally for the past three decades. This internship will help you become a part of this network of more than 2,000 top-level researchers fostering a gender equitable future. Apply for the Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters and gain experience working with a non-profit. Also, this position has a stipend of $10 per day. Which isn’t much but hey, most of these are unpaid!

Non-Profits (Many of the previous groups were non-profits but fit other descriptions more closely.)

Step Up Women’s Network: This organization is dedicated to connecting and advancing women and girls. Interns for Step Up will assist the Managing Director with fundraising and strategic planning in Chicago while working with daily administration responsibilities. This is a great way to gain experience with a feminist non for profit.

Girls Write Now: GWN combines mentoring and writing instruction specifically for girls around the US. Interns for this group will gain experience working with a non-profit while gaining valuable connections and learning more about the literary and arts education professions. If you love to write, are interested in youth education, and are passionate about women’s issues you’ll be perfect for this position.

Girls for Gender Equality: This organization is dedicated to improving the socioeconomic, physical, and psychological development of girls and women through education, organizing, and physical fitness. As part of your internship you can specialize in teaching in many fields such as visual art, dance, Afro-American history, anything! If you suggest it and they like it, you can teach it!

Catalyst Inc: Catalyst is the leading non-profit organization working towards the expansion of opportunities for women in business. Catalyst has research, marketing, and writings internships and strives to employ a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Equality Now: Equality Now is an organization protecting women and girl’s human rights around the world. They document violence and discrimination against women and mobilize international action to stop abuse. They have (unpaid) internships available in New York, London, and Nairobi in the fields of fundraising/accounting, media/outreach, and research/campaigning.

The Feminist Press: The Feminist Press is a nonprofit publisher of writing by women and men with an activist spirit and belief in equality and choice, and they’re offering students the opportunity to gain publishing experience in a non-corporate environment. They offer seasonal internships to those passionate about feminism, gender equality, freedom of expression, and social justice issues. 

So there you go! There are far more opportunities than this out there, so I recommend exploring on your own. Hopefully this will at least get you started, or even help you find your dream internship!

I think I may create a post of feminist conferences or grants in another post. Would anyone be interested in something like that?

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