Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge! (Packing and Procrastinating)

I’m currently in the throes of packing. Organizing tubs of clothing, books, art supplies, and more in a very dramatic and panicked fashion!

And in the middle of packing I rediscovered this:

I think we can all agree that this is the best mug ever! (Pun definitely intended)

That is indeed, my Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge mug. I received it from the Women’s Career Achievement Dinner that RIT’s Center for Women and Gender hosts every year. I was lucky to go, my professor (Dr. Lent, you’re the best!) asked me last minute, something I’m very thankful for because I wouldn’t have known it was happening otherwise.

The dinner was really interesting! I got to meet a ton of new people and hear from a great speaker (This was a while ago, so please forgive any mistakes); the first woman to work in the field researching wildlife in the Amazon’s treetops. She gave a presentation showing the devices she created for climbing the trees and supporting the necessary equipment as well as on the importance of preserving the rain forests. She also spoke about how many people expected her to fail because she is a woman. This includes one male professor who, despite excellent work, told her to choose an easier major as she was going to get married and have kids instead of pursuing a career anyways. There was a collective eye-roll and angry sigh when she told us that story. If any of you are from RIT I would encourage attending the Women’s Career Achievement Dinner come April. Not only do you get a delicious meal, you get to learn more about RIT’s women alums!

But back to this beautiful mug. I’m actually a little upset that I haven’t been using it throughout the summer. But I guess this just means that I’ll have something new and amazing for the school year!

I’d like to share some pictures of other swag I got from the dinner, because it’s pretty much the most earth shatteringly glorious swag ever.

At first just an ordinary ruler...

But turn it around and it becomes Great Women Rulers of Art!

I also got a Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge water bottle. Just... Fantastic.

And that’s all! I just had to share. If you want your own mug you can find it here for $11. You can check out the fun selection of “Great _______ Rulers of the ________ World” here for about $2 each. They don’t just have art themed rulers, they also have literature, music, science, sports, etc.

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